Opinion articles

Distritão, uma proposta perigosa (FSP 08/23/2017)

We criticize the ‘distritão’ (translates as ‘big district’) proposal using simple simulations of how it would change the distribution of seats in the Chamber of Deputies and state-level Assemblies. We argue that the proposal would reinforce the power of incumbent parties and stimulate candidates’ spending, which is not exactly what Brazil needs right now (co-authored with Alessandra Monteiro and Tabata Amaral)


Imediatismo não pode dirigir reforma política (FSP 1/14/2017)

There are at least two core problems in Brazil’s politics. The first is the systemic incentives for corruption. The second, less discussed, is  the lack of connection between voters and politicians. Both issues can be mended with the same institutional reforms. See which ones I suggest at my opinion piece published at Folha de São Paulo. In Portuguese only.

Efeitos colaterais do combate à corrupção (FSP 4/14/2016)

We need to minimize the disruptive impacts the fight against corruption has on the Brazilian economy. This does not imply being permissive to corruption itself. Published at Folha de São Paulo. In Portuguese only.

Impeachment mal fundamentado abre precedente preocupante (FSP 1/07/2016)

The legal arguments for Mrs Roussef’s impeachment are weak. Ousting a president based on them is risky for democratic governance. My take on Dilma Roussef’s impeachment at Folha de São Paulo. In Portuguese only.